Monday, 20 May 2013

Olabisi Onabanjo University OOU, Ago iwoye on Fire, Over 300 students still lost in d Bush!!!

OOU VC,in collaboration wit OGUN-STATE GOVT orders police 2 open Live fire for Students @ Main
Campus in Ago-iwoye...2 students were hit & Over 300 still lost in d Bush... OOU UPDATE2 student dead,5 arrested,many lost in d bush,many injured......d police re so stupid 4 dis act and even d govt re heartless and most of all Saburi is d most stupid being eva in history of in peace fellow oouites 

VC in colaboratn wit d state gov said dat abt 6000 of our presnt 100lvl dat didnt pay skul fees shld go bak ome dat dey n abt 2000 of dem dat av paid 60% out of it n didnt pay d remain 40% wil retak d lvl n 4d oda studnt dat avnt pay wil nt 6t 4d 1st semester examinatn wich suppose 2start 2dae so bcos of ds we studnt came out dat we dnt want ds anti-student policy so a notes ws pas ystadae dat police wil b situatd around our citadel of learning wich dey nw turn 2 citadel of killin, so we student came out in peacfl protest dat we dnt want ds law n d police came on ur killin 2 n livin odas injured. PLS KINDLY PAS DS ON TIL OUR OGA AT D TOP GT DS MSG.

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