Monday, 17 June 2013

(sex tape leaked) Two Ogun State Students Having Sex

O.S.U has done it again. The person that sent us this video pleaded anonymity so we would not include the user’s name in this post.
The girl in this video is said to be a 200 level student of ogun state university but the identities  of the boys are unknown to us. As you can see in the video the dirty action is being filmed by another guy who is probably the room-mate of the dude performing the sexual act.
Calculator and books can be seen on the bed, this is to show that the girl went to that room to study but things changed and sex started.. I am just trying to describe what happened because i do not know anything about the video.
The room-mate can be seen praising the guy that is banging.. pleas share the link of this video to your friends in ogun state university so they can tell us the actual story and how the incident happened.

Viewer discretion is advised
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