Monday, 17 June 2013

(Shocking story!) Teacher accused of abducting a 15-year-old pupil had sex with her EIGHT times in one night

A MARRIED teacher accused of abducting a 15-year-old pupil had sex with her EIGHT times in one night, a court was told yesterday.

Jeremy Forrest, 30, slept with the girl “multiple times” in a hotel after a shopping trip to Kent, jurors heard.

In a police interview played to the court, a pal of the schoolgirl said: “One time she told me they went to a shopping centre. I think it was Bluewater.

“They went for a meal after and stayed in a hotel. She said they had sex multiple times — it was seven or eight times. That was during the summer.”

Undated handout combo of CCTV video grabs issued by Sussex Police showing Jeremy Forrest
Flit ... CCTV from ferry of Forrest and girl

The pal also claimed that the schoolgirl — who is now 16 but cannot be named — confided that she and Forrest had sex in the maths teacher’s car after meeting “straight from school”.

She added: “Sometimes they didn’t use protection because he didn’t have condoms.”

Lewes Crown Court also heard Forrest took the girl to the home he shared with wife Emily in Ringmer, East Sussex.

The friend went on: “I know they have been to his house and to hotels quite often.

“The most popular one was the Polegate Premier Inn. She used me as cover for her mum.”

In another police interview the friend told cops Forrest had sent “sexual texts” to her mate, including one while drunk stating that he loved her.

The friend, who was “shocked” to see the girl with a teacher, added: “There was sexual stuff, quite graphic.”

Pictures in and around Bluewater to update library pictures.
Shopping trip ... Bluewater

The pair took a ferry to France in September, four months after they started having sex, but were caught after a week on the run, the court heard.

Cops had seized her phone the day before they fled amid suspicions about the affair — and she feared her mum would find out.

But the pal said the couple had plotted to bring a temporary halt to their relationship.

She claimed the plan. before the police got involved, was to stop until she went to college — then they were going to get back together.

Her allegation came as the schoolgirl appeared in court yesterday — and saw Forrest for the first time since his arrest. She insisted on testifying in person rather than via video link.

The pupil exchanged a grin with Forrest and the pair kept glancing at each other during the proceedings. She said she had persuaded Forrest to flee the country with her — despite him warning: “This isn’t going to end well.”

She added: “Once I have an idea nobody is going to stop me, not Jeremy, not anybody.

Polegate Holiday Inn nr Eastbourne
'Popular' ... Polegate hotel

“He was telling me not to do anything silly. He was concerned that if I went on my own I’d be in danger so he said it would be a better idea if he came with me. I was very pleased. I don’t think he wanted to take me anywhere.

“I was adamant we had to go otherwise I feared what would happen. If Jeremy got in trouble I don’t know what I would do.”

The girl — who admitted to having suicidal thoughts as she feared the affair had been uncovered — said Forrest kept offering her cash to go home after they ran off.

She added: “He was saying, ‘I can’t go back’. He was now stuck in the position.”

The girl insisted Forrest had been the only person who took her problems seriously and suggested she got help after she told him about an eating disorder, self-harming and problems at home.

Speaking about her mum, who was then pregnant with her fifth child, she said: “My mother said I didn’t have a problem. I didn’t like her, she wasn’t supportive.”

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