Saturday, 22 June 2013

Topless Coco is a real gym bummy

 T’S not often you see sights like this in your local gym.

While most people choose T-shirts and trainers when they're working out, Coco Austin goes topless in a thong – with weird braces handing down – and 10inch stilettoes.
She’s be hard put to pound the treadmill in that get-up.
The bottom-heavy blonde did add legwarmers, a sweat band and some weight-lifting gloves as a nod to the usual fitness attire.
But Ice-T’s exhibitionist missus seems to have mislaid the heavy duty sports bra her ample chest would require for added support.
See topless picture below

The outrageous look was tweeted by Coco after she told fans she would soon be launching a fitness app which would allow them to have her as their personal trainer.

And she tweeted: “This might be a good profile.”

In response to a fan’s question about her regime, she revealed: “I work my legs & butt the most. My back is naturally muscular.”

And she added: “I’m 5’2 and 130 pound
She also boasted that her rapper husband loves her back.
She said: “Ice says my back looks like an animal ... he loves it & says that I have cool muscles that I can’t see. I hardly work it out & its super strong.”
One follower reminded the 34-year-old that she did have a real gym outfit and tweeted a snap of her in a bra top and black leggings.

 And he wrote: “I’m going 2 see Man of Steel & it made me think of my own Superwoman.”

Later, Coco tweeted a picture of herself - fully clothed - reclining on a designer seat on the Las Vegas balcony.

She wrote: "Admiring the Vegas view from my favorite chair ... life is a beautiful thing!!"

After all that pumping of iron, a girl's deserves a tweet.

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