Friday, 10 May 2013

Top ten sexual positions

99% Of Guys Hate When Girls Do This In Bed!

According to The Lovers' Guide, Mr and Mrs Average alternate between only two or three positions which is kind of sad really when you consider the possibilities. So work your way through our top ten list, extend your repertoire and have a whole load of fun at the same time!

1) The traditional missionary
Although the missionary position is widely regarded as the big grey pants of sexual positions, it's still the most popular, and it's easy to see why: it allows for close body contact and eye contact with kissing and talking throughout. There's very little the woman can do to chivvy things along though, so he has to be prepared to do all the work.
How to do it: You lie on your back with your legs open. He lies over you face-to-face supporting his weight on his forearms.
Difficulty rating:1/5

2. Woman on top
Most men love it when women take charge and this is the perfect position for you to do so. You can still have lots of snogging and body-to-body contact but you get to have control of how fast or slowly things are progressing. This can sometimes prove frustrating for him, but at least he gets a view to compensate!
How to do it: He lies on his back while you lie over him face-to-face, extending your legs behind you. You can press your legs together or keep them open.
Difficulty rating: 2/5

3. The tabletop
This is a great one to try outside of the bedroom on any relatively flat, thigh-height surface like the dining room table, pool table, your boss's desk (you get the picture). It sounds like you need to be quite supple to get it right but in actual fact it's quite easy.
How to do it: You lie on the chosen flat surface with your legs above you in the air at 90° or so. He leans against your legs, slipping his head between them but keeping them pretty much together and gets to work!
Difficulty rating: 2/5

4. The spoon
This is an intimate position and is ideal for the incredibly lazy - you don't even need to move to fall asleep happily (afterwards though!). It's also a great position for a bit of neck nuzzling on his part, or for him to whisper sweet nothings or sweeter somethings into your ear.
How to do it: You lie on your side and he "spoons" around your body from behind. You draw your knees up and open your thighs and he takes you from behind.
Difficulty rating:2/5

5. Doggy-style
This is one of the most common positions for lots of reasons. Firstly, it's said to be one of the easiest ways to find the elusive G-spot (or at least to have fun trying). It's also a position that men really enjoy because it's quite primal. He gets to feel powerful and can see the mechanics of what's going on at the same time. Men love that for some reason.
How to do it: You kneel on all fours with your legs parted. He kneels up behind you holding onto your hips.
Difficulty rating: 2/5

6. The lap dance
This one requires the use of a regular chair with no arms. It's quite limiting in how much it allows you both to move (and you have to do most of the work), but it's easy to change to another position like doggy style, without too much bother.
How to do it: He sits on a chair with his legs together. You open your legs and lower yourself backwards onto him as if you're sitting on his lap. If your feet don't touch the floor, wear some stilettos... he'll like them too!
Difficulty rating: 3/5

7. The quickie
This is the perfect position for quickie sex. If you're wearing a skirt, it can be done quite easily without removing any clothing at all. This is the position you always see performed in the movies in a domestic setting - like on the washing machine or kitchen counter!
How to do it: You sit on a surface that's about the same height as his pelvis. He stands in front of you and you wrap your legs around his back.
Difficulty rating: 3/5

8. The rocker
This position is great for blokes who like bums as he'll get a great view but it's not one for novices. He'll be totally in control with the added bonus that you'll have an element of surprise thrown in - you won't be able to see anything he's doing!
How to do it: He lies on his back and you lie on your front on top of him facing his feet. Rest on your elbows with your legs straight and slightly apart and grab onto his ankles.
Difficulty rating:4/5

9. The L
This one's a little fiddly to get into properly but the results are worth it for him and you. It can be hard work for you to keep your legs together and you could even get cramp (eek!) but crossing the legs at the ankles can avoid this.
How to do it: You lie on your side with your legs at a 90° angle, forming an L shape. He kneels up behind you holding onto your hips. Once he's in, squeeze your legs together and away you go!
Difficulty rating: 4/5

10. Stand & deliver
Having sex standing up is demanding but passionate - you have to really be in the mood for it and have a good sense of balance! This position is an easy one to get you started but you'll probably want to switch positions when things get steamy.
How to do it: He stands with his back to a wall with his knees slightly bent. You lower yourself down onto him supporting yourself on his shoulders. He stands up straight and you pull one leg up which he supports in the crook of his elbow. Phew!
Difficulty rating: 5/5 

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