Saturday, 11 May 2013

Shocking video - Four elderly people beaten and burnt to death in Nigeria

I don't think you have ever seen anything like this before. Please i need to warn you that this is a gruesome video and viewers discretion is advised. If you don't have a strong mind please don't watch it. Some have said it happened in Nigeria, but after watching the video, I think it happened in Kenya. Four elderly people were beaten with sticks to death and burnt because the villagers claim they were witches and wizards. It is well.
watch video after the cut (Viewers discretion advised )


  1. Administration you have your facts so screwed up! This happened in burma and it had nothing to do with witches, it was about ethnic cleansing of muslims for fear the muslim religion would change the country's Buddhist majority. The leaders were in fear the young people are turning from the country's roots of Buddhism religion and joining Islam. So the Buddhist monks called for a cleansing of what they considered a threat to their culture, religion and rule. Thus they were ordered to burn these people and destroy all they owned wiping them from the face of the earth. I will find my source link and post it here. Thank you for reading.

  2. Hate speech of Burmese Buddhist that encited the burning of muslims in Burma