Sunday, 26 May 2013

Chief Keef Threatened to “Smack the Shit” Out of Katy Perry on Twitter

Katy Perry found herself on the receiving end of a mean Twitter-lashing at the hands of the 17-year-old rapper when she, after hearing his latest single “Hate Being Sober,” tweeted her distaste for it, as well as her “worry” for our generation:

Keef caught wind of the tweet a couple days later, and, clearly taking offense to it (even though Katy never mentions him directly), the known trouble-maker fired back, not only threatening to assault Perry, but also telling her to “suck the skin” off his man parts.

That kid sure does have a way with the ladies, no?
But, of course, Ms. Perry ‘don’t want no problems’ with “Mr. Keef,” so after seeing his response, she immediately apologized, letting Keef know she wasn’t trying to “offend” him, as if she should even be worried about whether or not she is “offensive” towards someone like Chief Keef.

Apparently, KP’s apology worked too, because Chief Keef responded with:

And that, folks, wraps up the fastest, awkwardest, and somewhat hilarious, Twitter non-beef, ever.

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