Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Science of Attraction

Sexy is All About Symmetry

When we are born, our cells constantly divide to make up the person that we eventually become. 
If every cell division went completely unhinged without mutation, we would all be completely symmetrical beings. Most of us aren't that lucky. 
Those with more body symmetry are viewed as more attractive because we internally see them as having a more pristine genetic makeup.

The Hourglass Figure

When we see a stereotypically attractive woman, they always have an hourglass figure. 
However more than just an image, this actually has some scientific truth too. 
Studies show that women who fall into the waist to hip ratio of 0.67 to 1.18 are viewed as more attractive because it is an internal sign of heath. 
Many in this ratio are less susceptible to diseases and are proven to have less difficulties having children!

Facial Scars

One thing that most women find attractive in men however, are facial scars. 
If you're in a short term relationship, a women is more likely to be drawn to this kind of anomaly simply because it is a visual signal of toughness. 
As long as it is in a spot where it looks like the injury was inflicted in anger, 
the right scar can show a woman that you are tough enough to stand up for them if they need it.

Keep an Eye on BMI

Body mass index is also another area that has had a lot of research. In general, this is a ratio more attractive to women, 
but surprisingly there are some really precise numbers to go with it. Studies show that women like a man with an ideal BMI of 20.85. 
This relatively average balance of fat and muscle shows that you are both healthy in general, and healthy enough to pass those genes on to kids.
If you're a man, that number is your golden ticket!

Men and Blondes

We've all heard the stereotype that men prefer blonde women, but believe it or not there is actually some scientific findings to explain why this is true. 
In general, this is supposedly because when women have blonde hair coupled with fair skin, 
we are internally more able to spot signs of physical defects such as Anemia and skin infections. 
Being blonde just gives men more of an opportunity to eliminate those evolutionary worries.

Facing the Truth

The amount of estrogen women have in their body helps to make a woman's face seem smaller, shorter,
 and even makes the eyes more prominent in ways that are more feminine and attractive to men. 
The same can also be said for the other gender as well as testosterone helps men have a prominent brow and jaw. 
The more of either of these chemicals you have, the more fertile you will be!

The Smell of Genes

Smell also has a great impact on these feelings too. 
For example, studies show that we tend to favor the smell of people whose genes are relatively similar to our own as opposed to exactly the same or totally opposite.
 That means from a smell basis we are inclined to favor on that slightly similar genetic scale.
 Studies even show that women can smell better to men at certain times of the month too! If they smell good, follow your senses!

Visuals Can Trump Chemicals

We've all heard about the power of these things called pheromones that somehow can engender genetic desire, 
but the truth is they are actually in reality no match for visual cues. Because these pheromones are actually leveled more towards our feet than to our nose,
 it's extremely unlikely that one is going to pass into our senses from that one encounter at a night club. Pheromones do create a reaction,
 but the visuals are what matter most!

Loving Yourself

This was touched upon before, however in general it is true that we favor people with genes who are somewhat similar to our own. Have you ever noticed how a lot of married couples tend to look sort of similar? A lot of this tends to do with the fact that these similar genes promote more compatible behavioral patterns. When you value the same kinds of things, you are more likely to beat the odds and stay together. This is all driven by similar genes!

Painted heart

The Science of Falling in Love

We've all fallen in love before, but what exactly does that mean in terms of science? According to studies, brain scans of people who have recently fallen in love indicate that there is simply more to it than sexual desire. In general, there is more activity in the love part of the brain (the same reserved for family and friends) when you have fallen. This means that falling in love is proven to be all about loving the complete person rather than just the body they are in.

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