Friday, 12 April 2013

Lightning Strikes 19-Year-Old Female Student Dead in Lagos

Thunder Strikes 19-Year-Old Female Student Dead in Lagos
It was reported that a 19-year-old female Senior Secondary School 3 student of Muslim College Oworonsoki named Celestina Farotide was struck and killed by a lightning when she was about to start her final examination on that fateful day.

“It cannot be my daughter,” said the victim’s father, who refused to show up to collect his daughter’s corpse.

According to the aunt of the victim, Christiana Idowu, she saw the girl’s corpse in the hospital after the family received an emergency call from one of Celestina’s friends.

According to an eyewitness (name withheld), the tragic incident happened on Monday.

“We had finished with the morning assembly, but some students were still coming in. Celestina had prepared her desk in readiness for the West Africa Senior Secondary Certificate Examination’s practical they were to have that morning,” she said.

It was gathered that Celestina went out to buy food and when she was returning to her class with other students, the tragedy occurred.

According to another eyewitness: “The lightning came in their direction and immediately three of the school girls fell down. Two of them rose up and ran and Celestina rose up too. Then the lightning struck the second time, and she (Celestine) fell finally on the floor and did not rise again.

She was immediately taken to the teachers’ staff room, where a teacher was asked to take her to the Gbagada General Hospital. It was there she was confirmed dead.”

The traditional ruler of Oworonski, Oba Bashir Oloruntodupefun, reacted to the girl’s sudden death.

“It’s a pity the girl died. The circumstances surrounding her death are mysterious because the girl was never sick. From what happened, we can all see the gods are making demands.

The shrines that should be used for sacrifices have been swept away in water. And the land we have is being sold by government officials to their friends and they send military men to threaten us.

Government needs to give us our land back. The real Oworo is submerged in waters. We want them to help sand fill those places taken over by water because many cultural heritage has been lost. If this is done, evil will no longer occur,” he said.

It was said that the young girl will be buried in the area after sacrifices has been made to pacify the gods.

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